12oz Cold Cups, 20ct


As durable and light as plastic, Repurpose cold cups require less energy and water to produce than single-use plastics and paper and leave no microplastics behind. While our cold cups are great for backyard BBQs and trips to the beach, they are not microwaveable or designed for high heat settings.

Repurpose cold cups will breakdown in a commercial composting facility within 90-180 days. Disposal through composting contributes to creating nutrient-dense soil that helps future plants flourish. Home composting is not recommended for these compostable utensils, as they do require a higher heat to fully break down, which may not occur in most home composting systems.

  • Includes 20, 12 oz cold cups
  • Lightweight and durable
  • BPA free
  • Plant-based, sustainable cups made from annually renewable and compostable materials
  • USDA biopreferred, and BPI certified - 100% commercially compostable
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  • "These are my go-to birthday party gifts. Creative, useful, and totally affordable!" - Milo
  • "The fern set is loved by my son Jake and our dog...who eats his leftovers." - Kamalia
  • "Between that g*d awful Frozen dinner set and this...easy choice." - Elise