Hot Cups with Lids, 12ct


Early meetings. Airport runs. Playdates. Repurpose gets it - some days you could really use a cup of coffee on the go. Repurpose 12 oz hot cups with lids and sleeves are perfect for taking your morning caffeine on the go. These compostable cups are made from natural, plant-based materials.

  • Includes 12 cups, 12 lids & 12 sleeves
  • Durable and strong
  • Plant-based, sustainable cups made from annually renewable and compostable materials

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  • "These are my go-to birthday party gifts. Creative, useful, and totally affordable!" - Milo
  • "The fern set is loved by my son Jake and our dog...who eats his leftovers." - Kamalia
  • "Between that g*d awful Frozen dinner set and this...easy choice." - Elise