Mighty Kitchen Bag Bundle


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  • Includes 5 boxes that contain 12, 13-gallon bags
  • Star-sealed bottom prevents leaks
  • Made from plants
  • BPI certified
  • OK compost HOME-certified
Never let your cans go naked with our Mighty Kitchen Bag Bundle. Make sure you’re always fully stocked with plant-based, compostable plastic bags by choosing the right subscription frequency for your home. Your future self will thank you when a new bundle shows up at your doorstep just when you need it.

  • Recommended Subscription Frequency:
  • • Household of 3-5 people - Monthly
  • • Household of 1-2 people - Bi-Monthly
  • PFAS (bagasse)
  • BPA
  • Phthalates
  • Bad shit

Shipping & Returns

  • "These are my go-to birthday party gifts. Creative, useful, and totally affordable!" - Milo
  • "The fern set is loved by my son Jake and our dog...who eats his leftovers." - Kamalia
  • "Between that g*d awful Frozen dinner set and this...easy choice." - Elise