Help, I haven't gotten paid yet

You earned your commissions but you haven’t gotten paid yet. I know this can be frustrating. See below for common reasons the delay could be happening and how to fix it.

You did not meet the minimum threshold

The minimum threshold is $50 for payment. If you do not meet this threshold by the end of the pay period, your commissions will roll over to the next month.

If you are no longer promoting Repurpose and want to cash out your account, you can release your funding by emailing Please note, you can only do this once. It is intended for closing the account.

You did not complete your Payment Settings

You may have skipped important forms about payment options in the application process. This is the second step of the signup process in Shareasale. To complete this step, click on Payment in the top navigation of your Shareasale portal. Next click on the tab Payment Settings. Here you will see your options for payments. Please select one option and make sure your information is accurate. In addition, you will need to upload your W-9 which is found under your Account Settings. 

You Have Not Passed Your Lock Date

All affiliate networks have a policy in place called a Lock Date. A Lock Date is the last day a merchant/brand update can update or recall a commission. The lock date is in place to protect the brand from fraud. 

Shareasale’s lock date is 30 days. This lock date means your commission is not available for payment until 30 days have passed since the commission was generated. If the 30 days have not passed, your commission is not available yet.