Our Story

It all started on a movie set...

Lauren Gropper came to Los Angeles from New York (via Vancouver, Canada), where she was helping to build green skyscrapers such as the Bank of America Building. She made them super sustainable, but then watched them get filled up with disposable plastic (ugh). She was then recruited to Hollywood as a sustainability consultant for Discovery Communications but lo and behold, the sets of the shows were all filled with – you guessed it – disposable plastic. So she decided to take the leap into e...
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From sustainable skyscrapers to eco-friendly TV shows, Lauren has greener DNA than the Incredible Hulk. Recently featured as one of Inc Magazine’s 100 Top Female Founders, her commitment to protecting and building an environment that works for all of us can be found in everything she does. When she isn’t running the company or creating new products, she's mom to two little ones.




Corey likes to make other people like and buy stuff. Whether that's makeup, vodka or Woody Harrelson, his marketing and PR background has shone spotlights in all corners of the consumer world. He now sells the plastic-free lifestyle to thousands of people across the country.  Although his focus is on getting the products in the stores, and on people’s minds, his own mind is most likely on hiking and naps.



Founding Partner

Jordan is the resident MBA who makes the products, then makes sure the money comes in. He guards the cash, keeps the lights on and signs the checks. He does whatever he can to save the planet for his kids—when he isn’t  drinking his favorite tequila, or surfing his favorite breaks.

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  • "One of the standout the what products do not contain"
  • "Beer pong with an eco conscious that's a game we can get behind."