Repurpose Campaign Asset Page

Thank you for being a Repurpose affiliate and sharing our passion for protecting this amazing planet of ours! This campaign asset page provides you with talking points, topic ideas, and images to get started with your first Repurpose Campaign. As always, if you have any questions or need a custom image, do not hesitate to email us at

Brand Talking Points

  • Lower carbon footprint
    • Traditional single-use tableware requires more energy to manufacture that Repurpose tableware.
  • Developed for a circular economy
    • Compostable products can be composted and returned to the soil to grow new plants that can become new products or food.
  • Made from plants and renewable materials 
    • Repurpose plant-based materials are renewable because they are regrown in our lifetime, versus traditional plastic materials derived from non-renewable fossil fuels that will not be replenished in our lifetimes.
  • Strong, heavy-duty, and durable
    • Our products maintain their shape and hold weight.
  • Designed in LA by our green-design team
  • Leaves no toxic residues behind
    • Repurpose certified compostable products do not leave toxic residues behind when they breakdown.
  • BPA, BPS, Phthalates, PVC, PBDE, PFAS, and Chlorine Free
  • Carefree subscriptions to never run out of essentials
    • Save 10%
    • Never run out
    • Cancel anytime
  • Woman-led
    • Lauren Gropper is our CEO
    • Our leadership team (director & above) is more than 80% female, 41+% POC and LGBTQIA and 71% female
  • Repurpose was here first doing the work
    • Repurpose was created 10 years ago in response to a problem, not in response to a trend.

Repurpose is on a mission

  • Replaced 436 million pieces of plastic
  • Up to 80% fewer C)2 emissions
  • Up to 65% less energy
  • Up to 60% less waste
  • Products developed for a circular economy

Bragging Points

  • #1 in Whole Foods bags and tableware
  • #1 compostable garbage bag in the country
  • Only sustainable brand in Top 10 US MULO
  • #1 Brand in the Natural / Specialty channel
  • Highest consumer brand awareness in our category
  • Most Searched Compostable Brand on Amazon

Product Offerings

  • Celebration Collections – plates and cups
  • Wooden Cutlery
  • Trash bags and clings
  • Marine Degradable Straws
  • Bamboo toilet paper
  • Paper towels

Topic Ideas

  • Easy swaps for a better planet
  • Have an eco-friendly party with these easy swaps
  • Best compostable (or biodegradable) trash bags
  • Products to celebrate Earth Month
  • Everyday sustainable swaps
  • Sustainable swaps for beginners
  • Simple sustainable swaps that won’t break the bank


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